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spa stones


If you need a time that is not listed online please call/text or email with your request.

*New clients Please fill out the massage intake form and bring with you or email to prior to appointment. Clients under the age of 18 will need to fill out a minor consent form signed by parent/legal guardian.

Massage Intake Form
Minor Consent Form
Theraputic Massage  $75

60 Minute massage using combinations of Swedish, deep tissue or trigger point therapy.

Spot Treatment   $45

30 Minute massage ideally with special focus on a particular area of the body.

Integrative Massage    $100

90 Minute massage using one or all of the following: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, cupping, or other tools.

Cupping Therapy   

$85  60 Minute massage using silicone or plastic cups.

$110 90 Minute

Hot Stone Massage

$85 60 Minute heated basalt or Himalayan sea salt stones

$110 90 Minute

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