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My Background

I graduated from Tri-City School of Massage in 2014 and have since worked for spas and chiropractors. I have learned and experienced a great deal from each but have developed my own style.

Massage is an incredibly versatile tool. It can positively effect the body physically and mentally. There are so many intriguing modalities to learn but currently I am trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Cupping therapy, and Hot Stone. Read the "what's coming" page for what I'm learning about next!


My Approach

I tend to have a style of massage where multiple modalities are used in a session that could create the best result while also tailoring to the presented concerns of the client. The body is all connected. Sometimes while it may be painful in one area the cause could be elsewhere. My aim is to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and to strive for the healthiest version of yourself. With that said I must emphasize a massage therapist cannot diagnose but with client participation and a therapists education goals can be achieved.

Massage bed
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